Milwaukee Police Talk About Their
Loyal K-9 Partners​

MECA Wisconsin Police Canine Vest Foundation, Inc.

June 23rd 2012! Save the date! 

Please help us, help them.  Your tax-deductible donation will support our efforts to vest every Wisconsin Police Dog. 
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They risk their lives to save ours. Don't they deserve protection?
Help us protect our Police Dogs of Wisconsin.​ Your tax deductibe
donation could mean the difference between life and death.​
To learn more about the Vests, please click on  the photo below.
Wisconsin has over 235 canine officers and most of them do not have protection. The average cost of a K-9 vest is $840.  Each vest is bullet and stab proof and made of the same ballistic material as the human officer vest. The vest weights approximately 6 lbs. The vests do not inhibit the K-9's movement. The K-9's wear the vests in training exercises so they are ready and able to do their work while wearig the vest. A K-9 vest is not worn like a uniform, but rather only as needed. The K-9s' Handler will put the vest on the K-9 when there is an increased danger level.